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Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

February 10, 2022 at 8:00 PM
by Mary Ellen Wasielewski
9ae9 yingchou han

Black History Month is here, but is it making a difference?

Advertisors show support by putting up inspiration pictures of the many in the history books that weren't taught in our history classes and unknown to most of us. This is good, but is it enough?

There are many movies and book that are promoted this month,. I read The" Imortal Life of Henretta Lacks" and "The Burning of Tulsa,", I watched The Hate You Give , I Am Not Your Negro, " because it was more about how my ancesters opressed than who succeeded dispite that oppression. This is good. but is it good enough?

I can push my goverment and voice my supoort for restitution.. This is good, but is it enough?

Time to put my money, where my mouth is .

I have been suupporting Black business with my purchases. The experience so far has been more to my benefit, than my small contribution to the resturants, the brewery, the skin care and the creatives on Etsy I have purchased with.

However, finding these business to suupport has been a challenge. Hopefully, if you too want to also support Black owned business this month I am certain you will discover many new places will get added to your list of go to places.

Here is some starters for your search:

Etsy black owned business

Black owned business Apple Store App

Black owned business Google Play App

Local Black owned Business Google play additional apps

. Local newspapers, local facebook groups, local library and obviously a more detail internet search could help in your area of the world.

Put some of your favorites Black owned busness in the comment section .

Internet and shipping make it possible to reach past local and I will add to the list.

Action Speak Louder than Words

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