When Your Mind Is All Over the Place

by Dale F. Green Sr. February 17th, 2020

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When your mind is all over the place, don't panic! It could be that life is preparing you for something big and wonderful!

Think about this... The mind is your own personal database. Everything from childhood dreams to adult experiences resides therein awaiting ready to express itself.

It's called anxiety, "uncontrolled energy." Embrace it with grace knowing that if your brain retained it, then its fuel to guide you in decision making. When rightly applied it can motivate change any influence every circumstance.

Here is one example that can shed some light on this subject. There was a young Prince whose father died at a time when their nation was in turmoil. At the age of seventeen, he became King. His father taught him rulership and grace but he lacked judgment. He sought wisdom and understanding. His prayers were answered and soon tested. In a dispute between two mothers claiming the same child, he was asked to decide who the actual mother was. He asked for a sword to divide the child and appease both. Mother one agreed the other objected and relinquished her own child to save its life! The latter was awarded her child. Indecisiveness will come.

Stay calm and relaxed. If you're prepared the picture will come into focus!