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Mary Ellen Wasielewski

Mary Ellen is Founder, CEO, and President at BLTS. Her motivation to build the BLTS team of coaches came from lessons she's learned while balancing a successful career and struggling through the loss of her husband and partner in 2002.

She made a name for herself and established a multi-million dollar career in real estate by developing a uniquely styled approach of "Compassionate Selling" with her clients. While she was Vice President at HealthGlobe, an international healthcare concierge, these strategies continued to broaden during negotiations between C-suite executives, government ministers, and private interests. These experiences led Mary Ellen to formulate the proprietary programs used by the coaches at BLTS.

What really drives Mary Ellen is her passion and adeptness to coach clients through transitions of life-changing circumstances. Whether the challenges are business or personal, her ability to find the pulse and pathway forward shows in her leadership with BLT Strategies.