Loss and Transition

Grief counseling alone is insufficient. Grief counselors can't help with quarterly results. The crossroads of traumatic life events usher in personal as well as professional consequences. BLTS executive training delivers the tools necessary to successfully support business leaders and staff. BLTS is the only executive coaching firm prepared to provide exactly the right combination of support. We provide a holistic, customized approach which supports the individual as well as the team.

The journey begins with preparation and perspective. With evidenced-based solutions to improve leaders productivity, performance, and health during transitions and every changing playing field of today's business climate. The executive coaching program reshapes seasoned leaders to better handle the barrage of changes and adapt to a continual new norm.

"After the loss of my wife I pretty much stopped eating, lost a lot of weight and my work performance suffered. I could have continued on a downward spiral were it not for Mary Ellen's help."

  --Business Development, Electronics Company