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Our Mission

The mission of BLTS is to educate and support high level executives to continue to lead, prosper, and remain productive during transitions and personal adversity. We assist companies in creating a culture of compassion that offers support during times of personal hardship.

What We Offer

Our executive coaching team members are experienced business executives who understand the first-hand challenges facing your executives. We will work together with them and their team to navigate through a life-altering time. Every one of our consultants are survivors of personal catastrophes and are trained to support your executives and the teams. Our customized team approach considers the professional and personal demands, as well as the mind, body, and spirit of the leaders.

BLTS offers an exclusive executive training program to build up the resilient, capable leaders of tomorrow. This 12-step program of self-guided learning and one-on-one coaching will:

  • Improve Critical thinking
  • Improve Interaction with others
  • Improve Self Awareness
  • Accelerate Learning

Bring forward Competent , Confident and Courageous leaders.

Hear what our clients are saying! 

"After the loss of my wife, I pretty much stopped eating, lost a lot of weight and my work performance suffered. I could have continued on a downward spiral were it not for Mary Ellen's help." 

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"Mary Ellen and her team are experienced business executives who understand the demands of business, yet also clearly understand the emotional, physical and psychological toll personal catastrophes take on an executive."

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