Delivering extraordinary results when personal catastrophes and business demands collide.



Business Leadership Transformation Strategies (BLTS) is a global management helps companies navigate the complex challenges that arise when a high-level executive has a personal crisis or life transition. We offer individual executive coaching, business disruption planning, proactive policy development, and HR/Talent professional certification. Our services create a healthy work environment, mitigate risk and prevent financial losses from lost productivity, absenteeism, increased medical costs and unexpected departures. BLTS is a leading authority, and one of the only firms in the world, addressing this unmet need.



The mission of BLTS is to educate, support, and high level executives to continue to lead, prosper, and remain productive during transitions and personal adversity.


What We Offer

Our consultants are experienced business executives who understand the first-hand challenges facing your executive. We will work together with them and their team to navigate through a life-altering time. Every one of our consultants are survivors of personal catastrophes and are trained to support your executives and the teams. Our customized team approach considers the professional as well as the personal demands, as well as the mind, body and spirit of the leaders.


BLTS Coaching

It's rare to find a business coach who understands the unique situations that occur when a high-performing business leader suffers a personal catastrophe. Traditional leadership coach training does not prepare a coach to handle this type of situation. Grief counseling alone is insufficient. Grief counselors can't help with quarterly results. The crossroads of traumatic life events usher in personal  as well as professional 
consequences. BLTS coach training delivers the tools necessary to successfully support business leaders and staff. BLTS is the only executive coaching firm prepared to provide exactly the
right combination of support. We provide a holistic, customized approach which supports the individual as well as the team.



Crossroads Policy

Solutions for those uncomfortable topics no business person wants to talk about.

Organizations don't recognize the gamble they take with antiquated bereavement policy, and the lack of employee focused support during times of personal catastrophe. With the extensive cost of replacing high-performing senior leaders, forward-thinking corporations seek our our help to develop a best-in-class Crossroads Policy.



Certified Training

BLTS partners with the Center for Executive Coaching to deliver best in class, certified ACTP Coaching program for Human Resource Leaders and Talent Development Managers around the globe.

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What happens when a member of your executive team suffers a personal catastrophe?



of Corporate Executives are not prepared to answer this question. 

BLTS Consultants are experienced business executives who understand first hand, the challenges facing your executive staff and will work together with them to navigate through this life-altering time. Every one of our consultants are survivors of personal catastrophes, and are trained to support your executive’s personal well-being as well as provide foundational tools and skills for them to successfully respond to the demands of their professional role.



Our work with our clients speaks for itself. 

Mary Ellen was instrumental in helping me to transition into a new career after I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2015. Her coaching and counsel helped me to make the jump to entrepreneurship after working in the wind power business for over a decade. She's a great listener who challenged me to take stock of my strengths, recognize my weaknesses - and get back out there! Thank you Mary Ellen for your compassion, insights and encouragement” “ - Co Founder, COO



"Going in to my first session with the team at BLT, I walked in the door a semi-broken, frustrated man. After about 15 minutes, I realized the
quality of people I was in the room with. Through their active listening, positive/constructive feedback and insight, I walked out of the building with my head held high, back on track, ready to tackle my ambitions. I walked in the door a 2 out of 5 on the happiness scale. After a
memorable 60 minutes, I walked out the door a 4 out of 5. I highly recommend this team of wonderful people."  --President, Founder, Trainer


"Mary Ellen and her team are experienced business executives who understand the demands of business, yet also clearly understand the
emotional, physical and psychological toll personal catastrophes take on an executive."  --SVP, Management Consulting


"Dale Green is a great Coach and personal advisor. His ideas and perspective bring clarity that allowed me to choose the roads that
would be the most beneficial in making the choices that best suited myself, my family, my career and my vision for life." 
--Executive, Fortune 100 Company


"After the loss of my wife I pretty much stopped eating, lost a lot of weight and my work performance suffered. I could have continued on a downward spiral were it not for Mary Ellen's help."  --Business Development, Electronics Company


"[BLT] made me feel ready to face reality and get back to it with more life and energy."  --Educator, Program Chair


"Dale's past experience combined with coaching acumen was critical to the project's success."  --MD Psychiatrist


"Grief affects every aspect of my life and the tools Mary Ellen has developed are a gift."  --Founder and CEO


[Dale] helped develop me as a professional, a leader and as a human being. I will be forever grateful." --Executive, Banking